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"Smile Brighter with Expert Dental Care"

Dental Treatment Services

“Smile Brighter with Expert Dental Care”

Experience top-quality Dental Treatment Services at Total Dental Care, designed to enhance your smile's radiance and overall oral health. Our comprehensive dental care offerings include Root canal treatment, Wisdom Tooth Removal / Surgical Tooth Removal, Tooth Fillings / Cosmetic Fillings, and Scaling (Polishing). Our experienced Total Dental Care team is dedicated to providing you with the best personalized dental care treatment with excellent results. Visit our clinic today to achieve the stunning confident smile you deserve.


Dental treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Are you suffering tooth pain due to decay reaching the nerve? Total Dental Care offers you pain-free root canal procedures performed by our expert dentists under local anaesthesia. We make sure you feel comfortable and restore your oral health with our advanced dental treatment techniques. Upon request, we can provide single-session root canal treatments for your convenience, So, visit us, the top dental clinic in Al Nahda, Dubai and allow us to relieve your pain and your discomfort with our top-quality dental care treatment at an affordable rate.


"Comfort, Compassion, and Seamless Solutions - Let Us Illuminate Your Smile!"

The root canal is a dental treatment that is used to protect inflamed or infected teeth. As a first step, the endodontist cleans & disinfects the teeth, by carefully removing the pulp inside the teeth. After cleaning the teeth are then filled & sealed. Root canal treatment is done to save the normal tooth, stop reinfection of the tooth from spreading, & remove bacteria from the infected root canal.

  • Pain when chewing or biting food
  • The presence of pimples on your gums
  • A cracked or chipped tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold, even after the sensation has been removed
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Deep decay or darkening of the gums

when bacteria (oral germs) inside your mouth penetrate the pulp inside your tooth and cause inflammation (pulpitis) you may need a root canal treatment. This often occurs when a cavity is left untreated for an extended period. In short, when your tooth pulp may come under bacterial attack, you have a cracked or damaged tooth, or your tooth pulp can cause bacterial attack, you need a root canal.

There are various advantages to undergoing root canal treatment. This procedure can save the tooth from removal.
  • Relieves discomfort
  • Reduces swelling and sensitivity
  • Helps preserve natural teeth
  • Relieves symptoms of an infected tooth
  • Minimize the danger of jawbone injury
  • Keep infection from spreading to other teeth

Root canals are regarded both safe and effective. This technique has an outstanding success rate of up to 98%.

A root canal treatment often starts by giving local anaesthesia to the patient. So root canal is generally not more painful than a regular dental treatment, like a tooth filling or a wisdom tooth removal. However, the area may feel a bit sore or numb after the procedure, and mild discomfort may persist for a few days.

Tooth Fillings / Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings are very common dental treatments used to fill the areas of the tooth when it has cavities inside. Cosmetic fillings are matched to your tooth’s colour for an even colour. It is recommended to replace tooth fillings every 7-12 years. You can choose many different types of fillings like Silver amalgam filling, composite fillings, ceramic fillings, and glass ionomer fillings from Total Dental Care. Ceramic fillings are commonly used, they last for an average of 15 years and resist staining. Dental fillings are a quick & two-step simple procedure.

In the first step, the dentist applies localized anaesthesia to the tooth that will be filled & the dentist carefully removes the decayed portion of the tooth. Afterwards, the portion that was removed will be filled with a cosmetic filling. The patient should not feel much discomfort and will be able to continue their daily routine after the procedure.

Total Dental Care offers different types of tooth filling from traditional tooth filling to advanced cosmetic tooth filling according to your specific dental needs, that will help you to restore your beautiful smile. Our skilled dentists help you to correct issues like broken teeth or mild teeth gaps with cosmetic dental filling. Visit Total Dental Care, your one-stop solution for all your dental needs.

Wisdom Tooth Removal / Surgical Tooth Removal

Does any decayed wisdom teeth give you discomfort? Wisdom teeth also known as the third molar, are the four permanent adult teeth placed at the back corners of the mouth on the bottom and top. Total Dental Care team understands the problems caused by wisdom tooth problems, which often start to grow during the late teenage years and can continue to adulthood.

Wisdom tooth removal, also called extraction, or surgical tooth removal is a surgical procedure to take out one or more wisdom teeth due to various reasons. When a wisdom tooth doesn't have space to grow, it causes severe pain infection or other dental problems, most often your dentist or an oral surgeon suggests you remove it. Some dentists and oral surgeons recommend removing your wisdom teeth, even if they aren't causing problems currently because these teeth can lead to problems later in life.

Total Dental Care Dentists have expertise in the pain-free removal of wisdom teeth, especially when the tooth is embedded within the bone. Our dental care team make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure while extracting the teeth. Our team provides the same kind of care to root stumps and fractured teeth. Visit Total Dental Care, & experience top-quality dental care treatment services, the best dental clinic in Al Nahda 2, Dubai.


Scaling (Polishing)

Often Plaque and Tartar accumulate in your teeth and the gum line and cannot be cleaned by normal brushing or flossing. Scaling or polishing is a non-surgical procedure, that involves the removal of plaque (a soft, sticky layer of bacteria, food & saliva) and hard tartar (calculus) buildups on the teeth over time. In a dental care hospital, Scaling (Polishing) is a part of a regular cleaning appointment that provides dental care. The dentist uses specialized instruments or ultrasonic devices to remove these deposits. By doing this, you can avoid cavities and get clean teeth.

Our expert dentists at Total Dental Care, do scaling and polishing treatment that successfully removes plaque and tartar buildup from areas that are hard to reach. By doing this, the chance of developing new gum disease and other periodontal problems is decreased.

Our Scaling (Polishing) dental procedure ensures thorough cleaning and polishing and boosts oral health and aesthetic enhancement. We assure you that maintain a healthy smile and prevent all kinds of dental problems if you are ready to schedule appointments with us every six months. Trust Total Dental Care for excellent dental treatment at affordable costs to improve and maintain your oral health.